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Hot tubs and spas have become a very common addition to most homes these days and this is an addition because of the rise in demand for it as well as its affordability. Since hot tubs have become such a sought-after item for relaxation, many more people are looking for ways to enjoy its health benefits, and here are some tips for you to consider when thinking about buying a hot tub.

When you are planning your hot-tub purchase, you have to keep in mind that different hot tubs and spas have varying features. A hot-tub needs to be big enough for one person to enjoy and it needs to be a good temperature for bathing and washing. You may want it less hot and more quiet but is it really feasible to buy a bigger spas than your available space would allow? See to it that there are adequate electrical outlets and that you can run a heavy duty extension cord long enough to be able to use the spa — if you intend to use it as an exercise centre, you may want a mild temperature to avoid discomfort from stiff exercise routines.

Before you decide on a hot-tub model, see to it that the material can easily withstand and are well insulated. See to it that the floors are smooth-surfaced and have reinforced flooring to prevent accidents as well as keep water from seeping in. You need an outdoor propane heater as well if you intend to use it through winter. It would also be very helpful if you have a garden or even a yard and if you moved your equipment inside, it would be good that you use a waterproof covering. This will ensure that it stays dry and that you or any other person using the hot tub won’t get any burn from coming in direct contact with the hot tubs or spa surfaces. It would then be sufficient for you to set up the hot tub outdoors.

You don’t need to go for the big ones if you’re tight with space but if you’re planning on a couple of people using one then it would be good for you to get the smaller ones. There are different kinds of portable hot tubs and spas that are better fitted for your needs. Portable hot tubs and spas have advanced insulation, a stronger and more durable frame and multi-presentation designs. You can now have your old Jacuzzi modified to comply with certain health and safety standards. There are models that are much better than those which have been around for years. You can find out which portable hot-type hot tubs and spas are much suited for your needs by doing your research.

Mobile hot tubs are good to take on the beach as well as other places where there are no enclosed patios or villages. All you need to do is fill the portable hot tub with a garden hose and be content to experience the pleasure of a hot tub experience anywhere you decide to go.

You will have a hard time choosing a portable hot tub if you are not well aware of the different types. There are the regular inflatable spas, portable swim spa’s and the portable hot tubs which are much more sophisticated. You can choose from the different makes and models of portable hot tubs. You need to keep in mind that where you live – an area where you have snowfall, a hot climate and a long winter – will definitely influence your decision because an which is built for sandy soil will never withstand moisture.

Portable hot tubs are more expensive when you factor in delivery and maintenance charges. You would need to make sure that by buying the portable hot tub you are not going to compromise on quality. You have to study the local laws and make sure that the portable hot tub you want to buy complies with local regulations. After all, you are buying a product that can be damaged due to environmental issues.

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Hot Tubs and Spas

How To Clean Your Shower Curtain

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How To Clean Your Shower Curtain

Scrubbing the bathroom may become very tedious time and time again. Changing your shower curtains regularly is the best way to achieve a clean bathroom. This is primarily because cleaning them directly is not advisable as you may spread germs and bacteria from the shower curtains.

Some materials hold up well to clean the water in and around the shower, and it doesn’t need to be cleaned frequently. Fabrics and other similar surfaces out there may require daily or weekly washing. They may only need inspecting and changing when they are visibly dirty or begin to feel degenerate at more odd times than usual.

Shower curtains play a massive role in keeping the bathroom orderly. They only need washing with gentle soap and water. Using a mild soap to keep the bathroom not proceeding to develop”:” level. Bacteria take dozens of days to build and multiply. If you start showering when you have gladly (or any other day in which you adjoining not used) and not cleaned shower curtain may become a focus for bacterial growth.

Bacteria tends to avoid soft water. They can multiply under low-foaming conditions to become offensive.

Whether you have already got the misty guards or new ones installed between the liner and the bathtub is a practical solution to keeping the bathroom really clean. Misty guards are noticed held the place in front of the tub, which allows you plenty of room to clean them, and if they are under your shower, they would be inside the curtain.

Using a mixture of 3 tablespoon liquid ammonia per quart of warm water, you can freshen the odor-causing grime from the shower curtain:

If you have pets in your home or have youngsters who know how to use the toilet, you know that the wonderful smell is truly very unchanging and toilsome. Removing these scents is simple enough using your own toilet brush and toilet bowl spray cleaner. You just mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of detergent with 1 quart of warm water. Using a clean bath towel, add a little to one end. Wipe the mixture on the shower curtain until you have altered the aromatic note to your liking. This mixture will diminish in about four to five days.

Furthermore, if you have been working on your business or a meaningful school project, it becomes apparent that every so often, you are going to repeat everything. This substance has been the part of every single one of them because the properties of the substances are designed to solidify it to various sizes. To get the leftover material after you have done that, push the curtain under the warm air unit, microphone and delivering with a less concentrated spray, and then you’ll see it disappear.

Finally, applying this mixture to the shower curtain is easy. Use your bathroom sink and fill it with a small amount of warm water. Imbue your curtain into a measuring cup and wait until it has become slightly apparent that the chemicals you are using will hold. Take your curtain and reduce the hot water and slowly add a second heap of warm water. Place you hands closed under the water and pour all of it onto the curtain. Using a sponge or absorbent beauty powder, immerse your curtain in the mixture. After a few minutes, you can use a toothbrush to go through the curtain and scrub the substance off, ensuring all creases will be removed. Remember, you may also use this method to clean your hair to aluminium foil, but to make the hair cleaner, add 1 tablespoon of ammonia to 1 tablespoon clear warm water and apply it to the hair.

This method is a fast way to clean and takes a least ten minutes of your time each week to refresh the appearance. Once you have completed cleaning the shower curtains each week, you’ll find them residue-free and will retain their wonderful scent.

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Hot Tubs and Spas

How To Clean Your Shower Curtain

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Replacement bathroom tiles

Tiles are the most common countertop material. Many homes have tile counters today. They are relatively easy to clean and can add some color in the kitchen. Here are some common problems homeowners encounter when they install tiles on their kitchen counters.

  1. Tiles just come out of the machine in large pieces. This can make installing them a little more difficult. First if you don’t use the correct size grout you’ll run out a lot sooner than with other countertop materials, so mix the powder with water in the right proportion and add a little at a time. It just spreads better this way. The grains will be less than you’ll notice.
  2. Most of tile counters are designed to beeper than full depth. This is OK except when you back out the countertop right away. This could cause damage to the countertop if it wasn’t secured while installed. Check the section where the back should be mounted and check to that there aren’t any gaps that will do damage. Once the counter is up you can work on the sides to make them an even depth. If your countertop isn’t created so the tiles are up all the way you may have something to do for removing the excess and gradient sand the entire area and then re-install any hardware.
  3. One of the reasons that the tiles can be hard to put on is because the glue used in the adhesives the smaller tiles have a tendency to shrink as they are laid therefore waiting does build up. The adhesive that is used in the typical countertop is water based and is what is used for the backsplash when it is water resistant. Make sure you use exactly the same product to work with.
  4. The biggest issue with tiles is how to cut them. You should do a dry run before attempting to cut tiles because sometimes they can be pretty fragile and if you break it you will have to start over. You’ll need a tile cutter which is a small hand powered piece of tool that you put on your circular saw. Try not to wear the whole piece because the cutting discs are hard and brittle and also can cause a lot of damage to your hands. The first thing you’ll need a straight edge on your surface.

You’ll want to align the tile cutter to the straight edge and then it is your turn to hold the cutter so it cuts as perfectly as possible. The angle of the cutter is only about 45 degrees and you’ll notice when you place the tile on top and align it you’re hooked a lot of times. It will be very easy to cut the tile to size if you have a good cutter, and there are lots of different ones out there to choose from.

Tiles can look great as long as you watch for any problems. Draw up your plan ahead of time on how you are going to lay the tiles on the countertop so you have a guide to placing it. When laying the tiles make sure you have a couple of feet flat on the ground to set the tile. The tile and grout are not that thick so with a few extra square feet you will be able to put it all together and have tiles on the countertop in no time.

The biggest thing will be buying the right grout for the tile surfaces. After you purchase the tiles hopefully you uninstall anything and clean all of the surfaces that need to be pressure washed, this includes the underside of the tile, underneath the appliance island, the vanity, and the upper cavity of the countertop. If you’re using the same tiles on all of the floors space out the tiles so you’re ready to go anywhere.

How To Use Squat Toilets

Mobile Toilets Are Big Business In Africa

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How To Clean Your Shower Curtain

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Squat Toilets

Squat toilets may not be on a traveler’s “top 10 list” for their trip to China, but they are almost always a part of the experience. In China, public restrooms are becoming increasingly sanitary, but some remain surprisingly awful.

China is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, and despite China’s status as a developing country, tourism and toilet facilities are well-developed at sites such as the Forbidden City, and toilets in luxury hotels are typically of a high standard. The squat toilets, on the other hand, is something that many people are surprised to see when they first arrive in China.

Squat Toilets In China

What is the concept of a squat toilet?

squat toilet

Flushing toilets are common in China but you might be surprised to learn that the best flushing toilets often come in the form of a squat toilet. This is very common while in most of the Western world, squat toilets are uncommon. In China, a person is more likely than not to step into a bathroom and find a toilet that is level with the floor. It takes a little getting used to these toilets but squat toilets aren’t too difficult to use.

Most visitors are reticent to use a squat toilet due to a lack of understanding of how to use the restroom. Since not understanding how to use these toilets will result in much longer queues for Western toilets, it’s better to be prepared.

Squat Toilets in China: How Clean Are They?

Squat toilet cleanliness varies greatly depending on where you are in China. If you’re in a high-end mall or an airport in Shanghai, you should expect the toilets to be reviewed constantly by workers and mopped on a regular basis (although it’s unclear how much the mop is cleaned).

Be prepared to enter a brick shack with no electricity and nothing more than a wide hole in the ground if you find yourself in a no-name village in the hills. They aren’t particularly attractive, but they are definitely unforgettable!

In general, as China grows, the cleanliness of public restrooms improves, and you’ll typically find yourself in one that’s on par with most Western public restrooms (though you probably wouldn’t want to spend too much time there).

There will normally be stalls available, a cleaning lady on hand (who has no qualms about moving a mop around while you’re doing your business), and, if you’re using the men’s bathroom, a few gentlemen standing around smoking before returning to work.

Using the restroom on a regular train

The toilets on Chinese trains aren’t always this spotless.
However, if nature calls when you’re on a slow train, you’re in for one of the most unpleasant experiences of your life. There are two squat toilets in each carriage (squat toilets only, unfortunately), which after an hour or two of travel time become somewhere you don’t want to be.

Because of the train’s motion, targeting becomes difficult, and you’ll need to hold on to something, as falling over on the floor is something no one should have to go through.

If you have the choice, take a high-speed bullet train. These have much better toilets that are well-serviced and might even have a Western-style toilet.

Prepare yourself for the fact that some of the lower-end public restrooms don’t have much in the way of privacy. Toilets with stall walls that are only a meter off the ground and no doors are (thankfully) being replaced with taller cubicles with doors, but the locks (if still attached) might not work, requiring you to keep the door shut or make a noise to prevent anyone from forcing it open.

Using the Hotel Bathroom Before Leaving

In China, even most 3* hotels have Western toilets and if possible, you may want to use the toilet before leaving the airport/hotel.

Visitors to China would almost certainly have to use a squat toilet at some point during their stay, but doing so before leaving the hotel will minimize the number of interruptions to their holiday.

Many people often schedule pit stops at shopping malls, fine restaurants, and international hotels, where Western toilets are typically accessible.

Since many public toilets do not have toilet paper, it’s always a good idea to stock up before leaving for the day. If you need the restroom but don’t have any toilet paper, you just have two choices. Either locate a nearby store and purchase some toilet paper or look for a nicer-looking restaurant, as many are now offering toilet paper to their patrons. Find a bar if you can and they almost always have decent toilets and toilet paper.

There’s also a good chance that there won’t be any soap or paper towels (or a blow dryer) to dry one’s hands in a toilet. Even in big cities like Beijing, you’ll find that many public restrooms lack heated water. This is great during the summer, but during the winter, when temperatures regularly drop below -10°C (14°F), it’s a good idea to bring some hand sanitizer with you.

Since several public toilets now charge a fee, you will need a small amount of cash.

Toilet Tips: How To Use A Squat Toile

1- Before entering a bathroom, get a friend or family member to hold your bags (such as shopping bags or purses). This isn’t because you’ll be robbed, but rather because there are hardly any hooks to hang these bags on, necessitating the use of both hands to maintain balance.

2- You can have to wait in line for a toilet after remembering to remove the toilet tissue from your bag. Many bathrooms have both Western and squat toilets, with signs indicating which type of toilet is in each stall. It’s not customary to simply stand in line and wait for a stall to open, so pick one and stick with it.

3- Pulling one’s long pant legs up is the next best step. This can help a person avoid having their trousers wet, whether the floor is wet from “accidents” or from toilet workers who have the job of constantly mopping bathrooms clean. Even if the toilet floor appears to be dry, the backs of loosened trouser legs lying on it are still unattractive.

4- Once you know how to use a squat toilet, it’s not that difficult. Unfortunately, many tourists visiting China will be using one for the first time. These toilets must be used in the forwards position, even for men (to avoid splashing over the waste pipe).

5- Stand with both feet on either side of the squat toilet. These toilets have grooves on both sides to help people hold their feet in place when using them. A person’s feet should be flat and in the middle of these grooves.

6- After completing all of the preceding steps, a person can squat over the toilet with their pants down to halfway down their thighs. Even if the environment appears to be spotless and tidy, it is critical not to allow clothes to touch the floor.

7- You will note a sign telling you not to flush your toilet paper and a bin next to you filled with used tissue after you’ve done your business. Nowadays, most toilets can flush a moderate amount of toilet paper, and these signs are mostly intended to prevent people from flushing all sorts of garbage down the toilet (as is done in rural toilets). So, whether you want to use the bin or try flushing the toilet paper is entirely up to you.

8- When it’s time to get up, remember that the average Westerner isn’t used to spending such a brief amount of time squatting. If you haven’t practiced, blood will rush back to your legs and you will have trouble balancing.

9- When flushing the toilet, keep a safe distance to prevent any spray or splashback.

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Portable Toilets Business

Public toilets are still uncommon in many areas around the world, especially Africa, South America and Asia, including motor parks, bus stops, and other public places in major cities. Considering the number of times most people use the restroom every day, it’s a real nuisance. We go to the bathroom without giving it much thought because we can go whenever we want. But in many places around the world, finding a public toilet can be impossible. 

In many cities and towns in Africa and India, the sign “Do Not Urinate Here” is one of the most popular and disobeyed. Finding a public toilet is one of the biggest problems faced by people when traveling around some countries. 

There’s an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to start up businesses providing public mobile toilet facilities and transform a shit market into a profitable business opportunity.

Without a doubt, people are willing to pay for the convenience of using clean and decent restrooms, whether they are squat toilets or western toilets.

Mobile toilets are useful at outdoor parties, conferences, and conventions. Both private and public toilet facilities have huge potential and will continue to do so as long as humans generate biological waste. 

How To Use Squat Toilets

Mobile Toilets Are Big Business In Africa

Hot Tubs and Spas

How To Clean Your Shower Curtain

Mobile toilets

Mobile toilet opportunity in Africa

Millions of people flood into the crowded streets of Africa’s major cities every day to make a living. Many leave their homes early in the morning and do not return for several hours. The majority of people spend a significant amount of time on the move, in markets and other public areas. And almost everyone needs to use the restroom but can’t find one, even though they’re willing to pay for it. 

On a continent where many basic needs remain unmet, entrepreneurs who concentrate on meeting these needs are twice as likely to come up with a profitable business concept as those looking for something completely different. 

It’s an inevitable result of the foods we consume, and shit will still remain as long as we do. And, like the other tonnes of waste we generate on a daily basis (including garbage), it must be disposed of or our world will become uninhabitable.

People are willing to pay to have their waste disposed of in a cost-effective and convenient manner; it is a dire need in many parts of our continent. 

There are many profitable business ideas in Africa, but one of the simplest approaches to a lucrative business idea is to find a solution to people’s needs. Take, for example, Dar es Salaam, a city of over 6 million people and the epicenter of intense economic and business activity.

Despite the city’s large population, public restrooms are woefully inadequate and often inaccessible to those who need to relieve themselves. As a consequence, it’s normal to see people urinating in open and public spaces indiscriminately, when many others, who have more important matters to attend to, retreat to nearby bushes. 

As many people are forced to dispose of their waste in a variety of locations, Dar es Salaam, like many other African cities, suffers from serious public health consequences as a result of inadequate human waste disposal. 

Why The Toilet Business is Big Business

If you’re not sure how important this business is, consider how many times you use the restroom every day. We go to the bathroom without giving it much thought because we can go whenever we want. But did you know that there will be moments when you are pressed for time and will not be at the spot where you normally poop or urinate freely? 

I’ve been in circumstances where I was pressed for time and couldn’t wait to get where I needed to go before I had to urinate. And not everybody has access to adequate toilet facilities. Such individuals would not mind using any nearby mobile toilet. Even if you have a good bathroom, you can find yourself in a situation where you need to use the restroom somewhere. 

All of this is being said so that you can put yourself in the shoes of thousands of consumers who will need toilet service in a single day. In every economy, the mobile toilet thrives. People must use the restroom as much as they eat or drink. It’s a natural occurrence. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are wealthy or poor, male or female, young or old.

The Public Health Act of 2009 suggests municipal governments need to have public restrooms, although it does not obligate them to do so. The Local Government and Urban Authority Act, on the other hand, requires local governments to establish a “community plan” that aims to improve the quality of life of local communities and contribute to the country’s sustainable development by taking steps to improve the area’s economic, social, and environmental well-being.

If you’re looking interested in getting into the mobile toilet business, you must first identify your target market. Which kind of clientele do you want to cater to? Anyone who joins now has the opportunity to grow and become a dominant figure in the local market, and the mobile toilets industry and its benefits will respond to these trends.

Here are some of the most common places where mobile toilet services are needed.

1- Building sites

This is the most significant are and accounts for roughly 60% of the overall sector and includes the construction of housing units, office buildings, highways, apartments, and bridges. 

In most African countries, construction firms are required by law to provide sanitation services, even if the work is being done by a small crew on a private home. Mobile toilets are ideal for all construction sites because they are easy to set up in even the most remote areas. On construction sites, mobile toilets can improve worker efficiency and are easy to relocate as needs change. In the building industry, rental contracts are usually for a long period of time.

2- Events

The event industry can mean substantial additional income, especially in the summer, on weekends, and for large events such as football world cups, pope visits, or the Olympic Games. 

Although it is still an important sector, it only accounts for 20% of the market. Concerts, festivals, sporting activities, exhibits and fairs, and weddings are among the most popular events.

When used at events, portable toilets will not only give visitors a good impression, but they will also boost sales for the organiser because people will stay longer and spend more money. 

This is also the section in which the most handicapped toilets are needed. The majority of rental contracts in the event industry are for a limited time. 

3- Parking Garages

People who want to drive or who are returning from trips can still be found in any motor park. People rush to the restroom before boarding their vehicles, particularly if they are going on a long journey. People getting off buses, on the other hand, might need to use the restroom because they have been on the road. They may want to take it easy before arriving at their final destinations. As a result, motor parks are an ideal place for placing mobile toilets for public use. 

4- Recreation Areas

Beaches, lakesides, sporting grounds, and zoos are examples of recreational areas that require toilets. This segment accounts for around 10% of the market, depending on the country. However, this does not imply that it should be abandoned. 

By providing mobile toilets here, the site will no longer need costly sewer, water, or electrical hookups, and will once again project a more positive picture. Rental agreements in the leisure industry are usually short to midterm.

5- Other

Bus firms, agriculture, armed forces, and mining activities are examples of places that need toilets. Also, supermarkets, utility companies, and industrial facilities with workers and or consumers who work or shop outside. 

It has a comparable market share (ten percent) to leisure and is commonly seen as a way to boost the corporate image, employee morale, and even keep customers on-site for longer periods of time. Rental agreements in the commercial sector are usually long-term. 

Construction sites, manufacturing plants/petrochemical facilities, markets, fields, horse shows, parks, beaches, ski slopes, parades, local funfairs, military missions, disaster-relief activity, and all kinds of activities are just some of the places where mobile toilets are used. 

After all the eating and drinking, how would these people react to nature’s call? 

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How To Clean A Bathroom

Bathrooms tend to be a difficult place to clean with anything other than water. A bathroom is subjected to a lot of moisture, grime, mildew, stains, and dirt all the time, and a lot of people can and do develop allergies caused by the constant buildup of grime and dirt. It can also be very dangerous to the health, as mold and mildew can both grow on the damp walls, on the floor, shower, caulking around the tub and toilet and on all the various materials such as the cabinets, racks and shelves. However, there are some methods to effectively and efficiently make your bathroom look like one that should be found in a hospital, yet don’t require nearly as much cleaning.

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How To Clean A Bathroom

First, you will want to get yourself a strong chemical cleaner that dries quickly and really removes scums and grime, but remember to don’t use too many chemicals. When you are finished putting your bathroom cleaner on the walls, if still a bit dingy, get a new wipe cloth to work out the remaining moisture. After that, the easiest method to keeping your bathrooms clean is through frequent cleaning. Gather up your cleaning supplies and start cleaning.

Soap and water, a toilet brush and a pan, sponges, and a wet-dry vacuum are just a few things to make sure your bathroom stays clean longer.

When you are finished for the day, the key to keeping soap scum from building up again is to wipe the floors and counters, counters, sink, tub, toilet and cabinets often, and even the dirt from the shower and bath mat.

Dipped cloths can work, but they leave grit behind, and once again, wipe after wipe on these things. You also want to clean things often, especially the outside of the toilet with the build-up but also the back of the toilet, and occasionally, the floor. If you clean often with an arthritis remedy, you can remove hard water stains easily with a very wet scrub or toilet cleaner and a toothbrush.

You often have to use extreme caution on your hands and arms trying to get them to coordinate on the toilet and sink areas. The easiest and most effective way to stay on track is to use a paste-like paste that is made just for the hand or a ball, bothersome problems to their self, and also a way to avoid getting the paste all over the bathroom.

Always make sure to rub directly on the hot surfaces, and smooth it over the surfaces. Cleaning the stains off the bathroom counter, mirrors, door, and lastly, the back-to-back tiles, is simple. If that isn’t removing the mold or mildew and some of those strong bacteria, then once again, perhaps it is time to call the professionals.

Daily maintenance is not always easy, but with practice, you can clean your wall tiles for a really inexpensive price and have a beautiful-looking flat wall. When you are on a limited budget, paint the entire wall with a satin finish (for a longer-lasting finish, this might improve the wear and tear on your wall). Usually, ½ gallon of paint goes a long way and the idea is to get rid of the look. This is done by using a hard-bristled knife.

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